Allerion Oilfield Services will be showing the latest version of their innovative and highly effective sludge management tool, the DS Jet Mixer. Allerion, based in Sarnia, Ontario invented the DS Jet Mixer over 15 years ago and has sold it to clients in North America, Europe the Mid-East and Latin America.

The DS Jet Mixer is an inline, oscillating nozzle that permanently mounts to a tank’s existing manway. Its innovative design minimizes system pressure losses and allows the mixer to rotate through a full 120 degree arc. The jet’s high velocity stream of crude oil shears, resuspends and dissolves accumulated tank bottoms while the tank remains in service.

Dealing with accumulated tank bottoms in advance of operating issues can help to avoid costly downtime for cleaning and allow for improved overall safety within a tank system. With the decreased need for manual tank cleaning and the significantly reduced time required to manually gas-free the tank when a full cleaning is required common health, safety and environmental concerns associated with manual tank cleaning can be greatly reduced.

The DS Jet Mixer can be used for the effective deployment of cutter stocks into sludge accumulations in bunker tanks, slop oil tanks and others. Employing a closed loop system that can mobilize tank bottoms into the parent product or cutter stock, it allows for further treatment by heat, chemicals and/or centrifuging. As well, the DS Jet Mixer can be activated periodically in order to proactively minimize tank bottoms accumulation.

All components of the DS Jet Mixer are plated with an engineered nickel coating providing the mixer with excellent corrosion resistance and virtually eliminating maintenance time and expense. The DS Jet Mixer can be manufactured to fit any manway size of 20 inches or greater.