Each project is different, and every problem requires a unique solution. That’s why we take a customized, consultative approach to every challenge we face; it’s a philosophy that has allowed us to solve tough tank cleaning issues that others thought were unsolvable. Using state-of-the-art technology and our leading Tank Bottoms Management and Waste Reduction Services, we offer safe, timely, economical solutions that cut down on waste and boost efficiency and cost-savings for our customers.

Services in the Oil and Petrochemical Industries include in the following:

Clean Tank + Waste Disposal

Crude oil sludge recovery services and technologies that minimize waste and maximize profit for our customers.

Inspection by Certified API 653 Inspectors

API 653 is a standard that covers steel storage tanks built to API 650 and provides minimum requirements for maintaining the integrity of tanks after they have been placed in service and addresses inspection, repair, alteration, relocation, and reconstruction.

This standard is used by Allerion's engineers and inspection personnel who are technically trained and experienced in tank construction, repair and inspection.

Work Scope Generation - Total Project Management

Allerion submits a highly detailed inspection report and prepares a safe work plan, scope of work development and testing. We manage all aspects of pre-site preparation, safe execution and final project follow through.

Protective Coatings + Linings

Industry-leading abrasive blasting technology, thermal spray coatings, plural component application and internal lining systems protect your tanks and extend their lifespan.

Return Tank to Service

Recommissioning procedures address refilling, atmospheric hazards, sampling and other precautions and requirements.

All Allerion services are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and all Allerion products operate safely in potentially hazardous and harsh environments. Maintaining high standards of quality and safety are our primary concern.