ALLERION OILFIELD SERVICES INC. is Canada’s leading Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST) expert, specializing in the oil and petrochemical industries. We are a company where solid experience meets innovative technology, providing customers with cost-effective, actionable solutions to their storage tank maintenance challenges. Our roots in the industry date back more than 60 years. We carry that legacy with a sense of responsibility to our customers and a commitment to continually improve our products and services.

Our Solutions

Each project is different, and every problem requires a unique solution. That’s why we take a customized, consultative approach to every challenge we face; it’s a philosophy that has allowed us to solve tough tank cleaning issues that others thought were unsolvable. Using state-of-the-art technology and our leading Tank Bottoms Management and Waste Reduction Services, we offer safe, timely, economical solutions that cut down on waste and boost efficiency and cost-savings for our customers.

Tank Cleaning

Allerion is a full service above ground storage tank cleaning company specializing in heavy crude oil.
We use the latest in technologies from sonar sludge profiling to non-man entry, jet mixing and manual cleaning methods.

Mechanical Services

Allerion mechanical services include seal removal and replacement, sandblasting and installation of protective coatings and linings.
All Allerion services are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and our equipment and products operate safely in potentially hazardous environments.

DS Jet Mixer Activation

Allerion utilizes the DS Jet Mixer product line to provide a customized tank bottoms management program that helps to prevent sludge build up and unscheduled tank outages through proactive resuspension of useable hydrocarbon.

Protective Coatings & Linings

Allerion has been involved in coatings application and inspection for decades, with extensive experience in surface preparation and corrosion mitigation. Our Field Supervisors and most of our support staff have NACE accreditation and can offer NACE-qualified inspections.

Our Products


Our DS Jet Mixing System eliminates sludge and reclaims usable hydrocarbon in your crude oil storage tanks, and it does the job without removing your tank from service

The patented DS ARTICULATING LANCE provides a safe, practical solution to provide initial remediation of the sludge levels in a tank

The smaller version of the DS Jet Mixer for use in small day tanks, bullets and other small vessels. Can be used for injection of cleaning solutions, cutter stock and other materials into hard to clean vessels.

The new option on the original DS Jet Mixer that replaces the plugging system with a double block and bleed valve to isolate the mixer in dormant mode for easier access and operation.

The newly developed SA-400 Rotary Mixer is used to effectively blend large volumes of product through the use of a powerful jet that sweeps across the tank as it rotates.