The patented DS ARTICULATING LANCE provides a safe, practical solution to provide initial remediation of the sludge levels in a tank. Using our unique cold-tap manway system, we are able to insert an articulating lance into the tank in order to move the accumulated bottoms away from the manway to provide an initial reduction in tank bottoms. This then allows for the drain down of the tank and the installation of the DS Jet Mixer™ to provide further bottoms recovery and remediation. All this, without any welding or other hot work on the tank.

In many instances, cleaning of aboveground storage tanks is complicated by the fact that high sludge levels prevent the removal of manway covers or the lowering of product levels due to potential damage to the floating roof.

The ATC Lance Together with the cold tap manway allow for a safe and effective procedure to reduce sludge volumes to below manway levels so manways can be removed safely.


Complete Coverage.

The patented design of the DS Articulating Lance allows for complete rotational direction flow of a fluid jet in the horizontal and vertical planes. Traditional lancing mechanisms are fixed in angle and therefore much less effective and more-time consuming. The articulating design feature of the DS Articulating Lance allows for complete coverage of the fluid jet into the tank.

Insertion without Hot-Work.

The DS Articulating Lance and cold-tap manway procedure can be used to insert a means of injection into the tank without the need to weld additional nozzles onto the tank wall. This eliminates a serious safety hazard that inhibits many tank cleaning projects.

An Ideal Means of Injection and Blending.

In many cases, chemicals or additives need to be injected into a large aboveground storage tank without the ability to empty the tank to allow for installation of equipment. The DS Articulating Lance provides the ideal solution to safety install a method of injection and an effective means of agitation and mixing, either from the tank itself or from alternative sources of cutter stock.

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