A smaller version of the DS Jet Mixer™, the DSM2 Mixer is specifically designed to be used in applications where a DS Jet Mixer™ trade won’t fit, but where the rotatable, focused fluid jet can effectively clean, desludge, or descale a tank. When attached to a secondary source of cutter stock, the DSM2 Mixer provides an ideal means of injecting various chemicals, scavengers, or cleaning solutions.

Ease of Use

The small size of the DSM2 Mixer makes it easy to operate, allowing movement from side-to-side by hand.


The nickel-plated carbon steel and stainless steel construction of the DSM2 make it highly corrosion-resistant with little to no maintenance required.


The DSM2’s small size makes it ideal for use in injection of cleaning solutions, cutter stock, and other materials into hard-to-clean vessels. It can be mounted on nozzles or manways of 13″ or greater, making it very versatile.

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