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The DS Jet Mixer system is an oscillating nozzle mounted permanently on your tank’s manway. It sends a high-pressure stream of diluent into the sludge, shearing and resuspending the wax molecules back into a useable state. It can extend your tank’s service life and drastically reduce cleaning costs and outage time. Smart technology lets you desludge and clean your tanks at any time, without removing the tank from service or disrupting operation.


How It Works


When you’re not using your DS Jet Mixing System, it rests in dormant configuration on the tank; an internal plug, an external plug, and an API conformant cover offer three levels of leak protection.



  • All components of the DS Jet Mixer™ are stainless steel or nickel-plated, providing the mixer with excellent corrosion resistance and virtually eliminating maintenance time and expense.

  • The outer adaptor flange of the DS Jet Mixer™ can be manufactured to fit any manway diameter of 20″ or greater.


Immediate ROI

The very first time you activate the DS Jet Mixing System, you can recover useable hydrocarbons from previously unusable sludge, increase your usable storage capacity, and reduce the time needed for future cleaning. Those benefits mean you’ll profit from your investment right away.

No Operational Disruptions

You can operate your DS Jet Mixing System while your tank remains operational and in service, removing the need for downtime and manual cleaning.


Fewer Cleanings Required

The most common reasons for unscheduled tank outages are operational issues related to accumulated tank bottoms. The DS Jet Mixing System, combined with Allerion’s Tank Bottoms Management Program, can drastically cut down sludge accumulation. This extends the period between required cleanings and reduces the likelihood of unscheduled tank outages.

Improved Safety

The DS Jet Mixing System significantly reduces the need for manual tank cleaning, cuts down and eliminates associated health, safety, and environmental concerns.


The DSM2 Mixer™ is a smaller version of the DS Jet Mixer™. This variation is specifically designed to be used in applications where a DS Jet Mixer™ trade won’t fit, but the rotatable and focused fluid jet can effectively clean, desludge, or descale a tank. When attached to a secondary source of cutter stock, the DSM2 Mixer provides an ideal means of injecting various chemicals, scavengers, or cleaning solutions.



  • The DSM2’s small size makes it ideal for use in the injection of cleaning solutions, cutter stock, and other materials into hard-to-clean vessels. It can be mounted on nozzles or manways of 13″ or greater, making it a versatile option.

  • The nickel-plated carbon-steel and stainless-steel construction of the DSM2 provides it with high corrosion resistance, significantly minimizing the required maintenance.

  • The small size of the DSM2 Mixer makes it easy to operate, allowing movement from side-to-side by hand.


The new option on the original DS Jet Mixer that replaces the plugging system with a double block and bleed valve to isolate the mixer in dormant mode, instead of using an internal plug, and eliminating the need for special training to activate the mixer.

As part of the DS Jet Mixing System, the DS Rapid Jet Mixer produces a high-velocity stream of crude oil that shears, re-suspends, and dissolves accumulated tank bottoms. With the DS Rapid Jet Mixer permanently installed on a tank, desludging and tank cleaning can be completed at any time.


The patented DS ARTICULATING LANCE provides a safe and practical solution to provide initial remediation of the sludge levels in a tank. Using our unique cold-tap manway system, we are able to insert an articulating lance into the tank, in order to move the accumulated bottoms away from the manway. This provides an initial reduction in tank bottoms, allowing for the drain down of the tank, and the installation of the DS Jet Mixer™, to provide further bottoms recovery and remediation. All of this without any welding or other hot work on the tank.


Complete Coverage

The patented design of the DS Articulating Lance allows for the complete rotational direction flow of a fluid jet in the horizontal and vertical planes. Traditional lancing mechanisms are fixed at an angle and, therefore, much less effective, and more time-consuming. The articulating design feature of the DS Lance allows for complete coverage of the fluid jet into the tank.

Insertion Without Hot-Work

The DS Articulating Lance and cold-tap manway procedure can be used to insert a means of injection into the tank, without the need to weld additional nozzles onto the tank wall. This eliminates a serious safety hazard that inhibits many tank cleaning projects.


Safe Manway Removal

The ATC Lance, together with the cold tap manway, allow for a safe and effective procedure to reduce sludge volumes. This method substantially increases the safety of manway removal. In many instances, cleaning aboveground storage tanks is complicated by high sludge levels preventing the removal of manway covers, or the lowering of product levels, due to potential damage to the floating roof.

Ideal Means of Injection

In many cases, chemicals or additives need to be injected into a large above-ground storage tank. This must be done without the ability to empty the tank, as to empty the tank to allow for installation of equipment. The DS Articulating Lance provides the ideal solution to safely install a method of injection and an effective means of agitation and mixing. Either from the tank itself or from alternative sources of cutter stock.

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