Industry Veteran.
Market Leader.

Allerion has been involved in coatings application and inspection for decades, with extensive experience in surface preparation and corrosion mitigation. We provide NACE Qualified Inspection.

Your business has unique needs and challenges. Our experience means we can design and install coatings or lining systems that meet the physical and chemical demands of your service, operational and environmental concerns.

Abrasive Blasting Technology

At Allerion, we use the most advanced abrasive blasting technology on the market. Our automated blasting systems can be used on most horizontal or vertical surfaces and drastically reduces waste and surface preparation time. It also allows for other work to continue during blasting operations, which reduces downtime. Our systems can also safely remove lead-based coatings without shrouding.

Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal spray coatings can increase component life and value, decrease machinery downtime and improve performance. Our coatings can be engineered using most metals, carbides, ceramics and plastics to protect and optimize a broad range of materials from metals to composites.

Plural Component Application

We use some of the most advanced plural-component spray technology in the industry; many of our field technicians have more than three decades of coatings’ experience.


Allerion designs and installs lining systems that are compatible with a broad range of chemical, petrochemical, and hydrocarbon-based environments. Our internal lining systems prevent or mitigate corrosion in petrochemical storage tanks and provide reinforcement of corroded steel substrates.

We are a Canadian pioneer and market leader in the use of fibreglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) linings, and offer expertise in epoxy-based liners and customized isophthalic and vinyl-esther systems.