Non Man Cleaning


Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning

Allerion Oilfield Services now offers a Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning solution. This next level and fully automated technology is amazingly safe and can reduce overall tank outage time considerably, when compared to conventional cleaning methods.


This Automated Cleaning technique is a combination of patented Single Nozzle Sweepers (SNS) and an integrated turnkey mobile separation technique. The mobile and self-powered process generates low pressure, high impact jets of recirculated tank fluid which efficiently cleans all internal surfaces of the tank in a precise computer-controlled pattern. The oil and water recovered from the tank are separated of solids and reused for cleaning. This effectively reduces the cleaning time and lowers the water usage. This system is self-sustained with both air and power for the cleaning process, thus eliminating the need for the tank owner to supply these utilities.

An automated, safe and quick solution for cleaning crude oil tanks
• Small and Medium sized tanks
• Mobile and fully integrated system
• Provides automated tank cleaning and oil recovery
• Tank types: Fixed, IFR and EFR

Allerion Oilfield Services provides decades of experience along with innovative technologies. We provide customers with cost-effective and actionable solutions, without compromising on the safety of our customer, our people, and the environment.


Advantages of using the ‘Non-Man Entry Automated Cleaning’

For Our People:

  • Our crew is highly trained on this technology to ensure excellent quality and safety
  • Regular worksite inspections to maintain schedule, quality and safety
  • Continuous monitoring of the system and automatic shutdown features

For Our Customer:

  • One of the safest tank cleaning techniques available
  • Reduced safety services, fresh air, rescue, hole watch and bottle watch requirements
  • Up to 98% oil recovery
  • Schedule is defined and precise facilitating reduced tank outage times
  • Controlled Costs: Lump Sum vs Time & Material
  • Simultaneous Sludge separation and Tank Cleaning

For The Environment:

  • No venting to atmosphere
  • Water is reused during the entire process reducing overall wastage.
  • Safe disposal of solids and water after the process to avoid contamination.

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