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ds jet mixer activation

DS Jet Mixer Activation

Allerion utilizes the DS Jet Mixer product line to provide a customized tank bottoms management program that helps to prevent sludge build up and unscheduled tank outages through proactive resuspension of useable hydrocarbon.

Less waste means lower cost. The costliest part of cleaning crude and heavy oil storage tanks is the removal and disposal of accumulated sludge. Traditional industrial service companies and waste management providers charge based on the amount of waste they dispose of, which means they have little incentive to minimize the volume of sludge before final clean out.


Dealing with accumulating tank bottoms pre-emptively can help to avoid costly downtime, cleaning and allow for improved overall safety within a tank system. With the decreased need for manual tank cleaning, and the significantly reduced time required to manually gas-free the tank when a full cleaning is required, common health, safety, and environmental concerns associated with manual tank cleaning can be greatly reduced.



  • All-inclusive package including mobilization costs and diesel.

  • Provided by the manufacturer’s licensed and certified activator.

  • Lock in pricing for pre-scheduled dates.

  • Volume discount pricing throughout the year.


Automated Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning

Allerion provides Non-Man Entry, Automated Tank Cleaning as part of our tank cleaning services. This service provides the utmost safety for our clients, our people, and the environment, while reducing overall tank cleaning durations.

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For Our People

  • Our crew is highly trained on this technology to ensure excellent quality and safety.

  • Regular worksite inspections to maintain schedule, quality, and safety.

  • Continuous monitoring of the system and automatic shutdown features.


For The Environment

  • No Venting to Atmosphere.

  • Water is reused during the entire process, reducing overall wastage.

  • Safe disposal of solids and water after the process, as to avoid contamination.


For The Customer

  • One of the safest tank cleaning techniques available.

  • Reduced safety services, fresh air, rescue, hole watch and bottle watch requirements.

  • Up to 98% oil recovery.

  • Schedule is defined and precise, facilitating tank outage times.

  • Controlled Costs: Lump Sum vs Time & Material.

  • CSimultaneous Sludge separation and Tank Cleaning.

Manual Tank Cleaning

Manual Tank Cleaning

Allerion provides traditional manual tank cleaning services with highly experienced crews, certified for confined space entry.

Tank cleaning presents unique challenges in terms of safety, access, and operating environments.  Allerion is not a waste management company that sometimes cleans tanks, it is a tank cleaning company first and foremost.

vapour scrubber

Vapour Scrubbing

Our scrubber draws up to 16,000 cubic feet per minute of fresh air through any storage tank requiring manned entry, processing the exhaust air. This method processes the exhaust air through an activated carbon bed to control odours.

In response to increasing concerns about the impact of odours and emissions on the neighbourhoods surrounding many sites, Allerion has designed specialized high capacity vapour scrubbers that are deployed to eliminate fugitive emissions. Our vapour scrubbers are controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that provides the required air exchanges for manned entry.

nitrogen and oxygen

Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

Based on the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. Produce your own nitrogen and oxygen, where and when you need it, without compromising on quality.


Precleaning Analytical Services

Prior to the issuance of a tank cleaning RFQ, Allerion can provide a comprehensive precleaning analysis of the tank contents and sludge levels by utilizing topography, thermography, roof hatch sampling, and product dips. With this detailed report, we can recommend the best approach to recovering saleable product and cleaning the tank to API-specific standards.

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